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(The Course Materials and Course Completion Certificates are issued direct from Oracle University to registered students)

Benefits of Investing in Authorized Oracle SqlStar Training

Thousands of professionals around the world take online or in-person training courses through Sql Star. Each course is designed to maximize your understanding of how to get the most out of Oracle technology you use every day.

Sql Star training courses also prepare you to earn a well-respected Oracle Certification that increases your chances of getting hired. In fact, over 1.8 million working professionals have taken the time to study for and pass Oracle Certification exams that test and validate their technical knowledge. We offer specific training courses that increase your chances of passing related certification exams.

Sql Star training courses will help you become more informed and more efficient so you can use Oracle products to drive measurable results. Get maximum ROI with your technology investment, stand out in a competitive global job market and increase your earning potential.

Key features of our Oracle Authorized Training Institute (ISQL Global)

100% real-time project training – We offer complete Oracle training in Chennai in the form of real-time projects and solutions. We will expose you to industry based real-time projects in multiple organizational platforms. You can rest assured that we won’t stop till you are satisfied.

Revised and up-to-date Oracle training methodology – Our Oracle course is revised and updated continuously depending on industry standards and changes in the field of application development. We follow the best Oracle training methodology coupled with the finest course materials. Our sessions are not only informative and knowledge-based but they are also fun and interactive.

Experienced Oracle trainers – Oracle Authorized Training in Chennai ISQL Global Trainers are experienced industry professionals with 10+ years of exposure to various tools and resources. We screen thousands of profiles before selecting the best instructor for you.

Focus on Individual Attention –  Oracle Authorized Training in Chennai ISQL Global provide individual attention to our students with flexible schedules. We ensure that our batches have less than 5 members each, to offer a more personalized interaction and better knowledge transfer. One to one training is also provided on request.

Optimized Oracle Course fee-structure –  Oracle Authorized Training in Chennai ISQL Global have optimized our fees to make sure that we don’t burn a hole in your pocket. We offer market-standard rates with the option of paying your fees in easy installments.

100% Placement Assistance –  ISQL Global mock interviews will effectively prepare you to face your real job interviews. Oracle Authorized Training in Chennai ISQL Global provide services like resume preparation, placement assistance, and Oracle interview questions to sharpen your skills.

Oracle Training In Chennai with Placement

The vision of Oracle Authorized Training in Chennai SqlStar is to see each and every individual get a job in a reputable organization. We want our candidates to reach new heights in their career. Placement is an integral part of our Oracle Training Institute in Chennai. We make sure that we provide assistance in whatever way we can. You just have to complete your Oracle course with us. Please take a look at the services we provide in relation to placement:

Why should you enroll with Sql Star over other Oracle Training Institutes in Chennai?

We want you to take an informed decision before joining any institute. The points mentioned below will help you to differentiate Sql Star from other Oracle Training Institutes in Chennai.

Why are you waiting for? Enroll with ISQL Global, complete your Training and get Placement on today.

Benefits of Certification

"If two people with roughly the same background and experience are going for the same job, the certified person will usually get to the top of the HR pre-screening file. Certification gives an employee the edge."
- Hans Forbrich, CEO, Forbrich Computing, provider of Oracle Certification

Why Certify?

Earn a well-respected credential to demonstrate IT expertise in the marketplace by doing certification from Authorized Oracle Training in Chennai ISQL Global.

Gain a competitive advantage by developing a skill set that's in demand, worldwide. Join the 80% of Oracle certification holders who reported a promotion, salary increase or other career improvements.

What can an Oracle certification do for you?

Competitive Advantage

The rigorous process of becoming Oracle certified makes you a better technologist. The knowledge you gain through training and practice will significantly expand your skill set and increase your credibility when interviewing for jobs.
The work & study required to prepare for certification exams broadens your knowledge by exposing you to a wide variety of essential functions, features & tasks. Earn a well-respected credential to gain a competitive advantage in the IT job market by doing certification from Authorized Oracle Training in Chennai ISQL Global.

Career Growth

97% of the Global Fortune 500 companies use Oracle software. These companies need skilled technologists to implement, develop and administer critical systems. Earning an Oracle certification equips you with these in demand skills, making you a more marketable candidate

Salary Advancement

Companies value skilled workers. According to Oracle's 2012 salary survey, more than 80% of Oracle Certified individuals reported a promotion, compensation increase or other career improvements as a result of becoming certified.

Opportunity and Credibility

The skills and knowledge you gain by becoming certified will lead to greater confidence and increased career security. Your expanded skill set will also help unlock opportunities with employers and potential employers by doing certification from Authorized Oracle Training in Chennai ISQL Global.

Are you getting your training from an Authorized Provider?

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